Alice x Alex Doodlesalex belongs to husbando rae ~

Alice x Alex Doodles
alex belongs to husbando rae ~

lame try to do the make up of “rolling girl boy” …hum.

lame try to do the make up of “rolling girl boy” …hum.

hello! i have admired your works for the longest and was wondering if its ok with you, to share your brush and pen settings?;v; I tried to look around for the crisp kind of brush and pen settings but for my paint tool sai it keeps looking too blurry. please and thank you if you do decide to share, sorry for this sudden question!

Hii! thank you so much for your sweet words and following me QA // Q
of course i dont mind at all — but sorry my sai is in french QHQ

nuage means cloud ;v;

i also use the “coloring one” for my painting tries… And i draw my sketches with the line or the painting one QVQ

Can you please do a hair color turtorial ? q u p I love the way you shade the hair

ajgjgf i am sorry it took me sooo loong to reply TT_TT i made the tuto awhiile ago now but if you still follow me, hope it will help u at least a little ;;

(sorry for my crappy english /hides )

it’s…sorta a spam ~
Noel and Korey belong to me
Kyle belongs to my husbando Rae ~

kuchisake onna, the slit mouth woman  (urban legend)
+/- 90min

b r e a t h -  original

b r e a t h -  original

Pottermooood ~

Pottermooood ~

  1. rero-pumpkin said: yzevoryzobzt K000000i tes essais sont tous plus classes les uns que les autres Q///////H///////Q !!! c’est trop magnifique sérieux !! ((et ça donne vraiment envi d’essayer aussi ///H ))

Q//H//Q ffff— merci rero ! bouuh c’est rien comparé au travail de Yuumei QQ mais ouii tu devrais essayer ** je suis retombé par hasard sur son tuto hier et — ça vaut le coup d’essayer ** 9

another try ~