nighty doodle ~

nighty doodle ~

Allen reference sheet 

Allen reference sheet 


Pins I made , I’d like print them for sale but I am still lil scared aha ;;v;; 
If this reach at least 50 likes /reblogs [number of buttons I would print]
I will sell them for real u v u


Yukine - Noragami | Levi- Attack on titans

Ryuko-Kill la kill  | Hinata- Haikyuu

few things to upload recently…failed the poor TaeHyun TTVTT

leaf tie

(Source: eggnim)

what are your brush settings for painting and line art ?( ; 3 ;) ~

You can find them here >v< 

can i have some tips and advices for drawing digital art? ; H ;

i don’t know if i am good enough to give tips or advices about digital art - QAQ
also sorry for my english ;;

 I mean…More you draw, more you improve. Try to fix it or even redraw if you think something looks wrong (you can also ask friends’ advice ), try new things and don’t be afraid to draw things you don’t feel able to draw yet. Like BGS ? Don’t hide hands and eyes

i don’t know if it really helps >.< buut enjoy ! you can do a “redraw meme” after few moths, always fun to see improvment ~ ;v;

lazy try when i found a tuto on tumblr ~ tuto there: link

lazy try when i found a tuto on tumblr ~ 
tuto there: link